Our productions are available for bookings in private events or in venues.  We come full turn-key and have successfully brought the following shows to packed houses and sold out venues.  

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The Fabulous Freddie Mercury Tribute

Drummerboyinfinity presents one of the world's most spot-on presentations honoring the late great FREDDIE MERCURY of the super group "QUEEN".  Randall Shreve portrays Freddie Mercury like non other. From his looks, charisma, vocals ora...Randall brings to life the genius that is Mercury in every way.  Prepare yourself, your venue and fans to be totally blown away by the music, pageantry and vocals unrivaled in the United States.  Call (501) 548-5811 to book your production of this fabulous show now.

Tribute to Prince

Prince was one of the world's most innovative and influential song writers and performers of all time.  His songs still have a hold on every Prince fans heart and no matter where you here it, you can't help but sing along.  Drummerboyinfinity brings the full production of his catalog from his monumental PURPLE RAIN album/movie to his latest hits that every true Prince fan can sing to by heart.  A cast of over 10 singers and musicians round out this amazing production of the Prince Tribute.  Book your show now, call (501) 548-5811.

Led Zeppelin: A Tribute to John Bonham

John Bonham was one of rocks greatest and most innovative drummers for the amazing band "Led Zeppelin".  Drummerboyinfinity brings this presentation and tribute that will immerse and captivate your audience with identical Robert Plant vocals by former American Idol contestant, Charlie Askew.  If you're a fan of Led Zeppelin, you'll want to see and experience this amazing production now!   Book now, call (501) 548-5811.

All Things Bowie Tribute Show

A Tribute to Maurice White of Earth Wind & Fire

Tribute to Amy Winehouse